Waterhouse, John William RA (1849-1917): The Bouquet

Waterhouse, John William RA (1849-1917): The Bouquet, oil on canvas, 59 x 42 cms. Presented by De Pass, Alfred A.
Reinterpretation by Noah Frear

I wanted to do the piece because I’ve always loved Waterhouse’s work- He is my Mum’s favourite artist and I definitely couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work from it. I experimented with a lot of different approaches both traditional and non – traditional but I ultimately settled on an approach focused on line-less colour attempting to draw from the style of the painting.

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Reinterpretation by Ioana Agavriloaiei

The element that convinced me to choose to redraw this piece was the facial expression of the model. She looks lost in her thoughts with a hint of pain in her eyes, holding a bouquet of flowers close to her. It made me wonder what could have happened that made her look so melancholic. I do not know the story behind the painting, but I like it because this makes my imagination fill in the blanks for me and thus creating the story in my head. To me it feels like this woman is awaiting for someone’s return, her loved one perhaps.
While working on this drawing, I tried to be inspired by the painterly style, while also maintaining it in my own style. I tried to keep the background of the natural elements in darker shades, while I used lighter colours for the character, as I wanted her to stand out in the drawing.

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